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Advocates 4 Diversity & Inclusion 

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Job Development


If you are service disabled at more than 10% and can no longer continue your current employment due to injuries, you may be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment.

Persons with Disabilities

If you are age 14-22 and in school with a 504 or IEP plan, you could qualify for peer mentoring services. After high school you may qualify for employment services with vocational rehabilitation.


We assist ex-offenders that need assistance finding a job or starting a business.

Our Mission

WGG Plan

Inequities in a range of factors-income, stable and affordable housing, access to quality education and others-all influence a person's chance of finding employment and living a longer, healthier life. These inequities and disparate  access to affordable or safe places to live, contribute to unemployment and related illnesses in our communities.

Our mission is to create employment opportunities, housing opportunities and healthier communities through education and awareness for our most vulnerable populations.

As an organization we value the lives of every child and adult that we come across enough to provide peer mentoring services through career exploration and teaching the importance of living healthy lifestyles. We believe in teamwork and our quality and purpose of programs are to be an effective and strong enough force to change an entire lifestyle and enhance the communities we serve.

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Leadership Program

If you are in college and interested in becoming a peer mentor or a community health educator, please contact us by phone, email or text for more information.

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If you are interested in our free health curriculum for grades K-5, please contact us by phone, email or text for more information.


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Bullying Play

Please contact us by phone, email or text for more information on our play about bullying.


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We will be providing free basketball camps and clinics throughout the State of Florida. Please visit our site periodically for updated information.


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2019 Diversity & Inclusion Conference

Who Got Game Step Show coming soon!!!!!!!!!!

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What People Are Saying

Who Got Game helped my son find a job and he was so excited.


The employment specialists are very friendly and they went beyond the call of duty to help my son.


They even provided him with a suit for his interview. This organization definitely has game!

“My daughter is a mentee with Who Got Game.


They have taught her so many skills and the peer mentors are excellent roles models


I was looking for a place to stay and I found out about Who Got Game from the local community center.


They provided me with a place to stay and even helped me find a job. This company is Wonderful!!!


This organization definitely has game!!!!


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